Resources for Maine Public Officials & Dedimus Justices.

For Dedimus Justices...

  •  New!  Download a printable Journal of Oaths and Affirmations of Office.
  •  New!  Download printable Certificates of Qualification.
  •  Coming soon...  Are you a new Dedimus Justice? Your appointment didn't come with an instruction manual. Read ours, compiled from the knowledge of experienced Dedimus Justices, and get the information you need to carry out your duties.
  •  Coming soon...  Extend your Dedimus Justice Directory entry by noting your times and locations of availability, and your preferred contact method and times.
  •  Coming soon...  Print customized Certificates of Qualification.
  •  Coming soon...  Use our Online Electronic Journal.
Maine Public Officials...
Do you need to take and subscribe an Oath or Affirmation to qualify for your elected or appointed public office?
  •  Coming soon...  Use the Dedimus Justice Directory to find a Dedimus Justice to administer your Oath of Office at a time and place convenient to you.

About DedimusJustice.Org

DedimusJustice.Org is an online resource for Dedimus Justices and the community of public officeholders they serve. Its mission is to provide tools and information to assist Dedimus Justices in the discharge of their duties, and to benefit the public by providing a convenient means of locating a Dedimus Justice. DedimusJustice.Org is provided free of charge as a public service.

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